Why You Might Want Bifold Doors For Your Airplane Hangar

Posted on: 29 May 2019

If your company is looking to invest in an aircraft or two for executive travel or other endeavors, you will of course need somewhere to store the aircraft when they are not in use. When building a hangar, you have multiple options available when it comes to the type of door you use. Some hangar doors can be powered by hydraulics, but bifolding aircraft doors remain a popular choice. Here's why you might want to go with a bifolding door for your company's airplane hangar.

Less Expensive

Bifolding hangar doors are relatively simple to open and close and use a motorized system combined with steel cables or nylon straps to get the job done. In short, bifolding doors are much less complex than a door powered by hydraulics. This means a bifolding door is usually less expensive than a hydraulic door of the same size. Going with a simple bifolding door may allow you to put the money you will save into getting some additional perks for your aircraft. After all, your executives aren't likely to care how exactly the door is opening and closing as long as it can get the job done. 

Low Maintenance

Because bifolding hangar doors generally use steel cables or nylon, there really isn't all that much that you need to keep an eye on. Yes, you'll want to check up on the cables or straps that get the job done and make sure there is proper tension and no signs of wear and tear. But the maintenance process is much simpler than a hangar door with a hydraulic system, which has many more moving parts.

The Classic Hangar Look

One advantage of hydraulic systems is that the hangar itself can be a bit smaller because the door can open in a way that will allow the aircraft in without the door having to clear an especially high height. But in some ways, this could come across as less impressive. An airplane hangar with a typical bifolding door will be naturally taller and will look more like a hangar used by commercial aircraft at your local major airport. If you are going for a premium visual experience, a bifolding door can help you offer the traditional airplane hangar look that is sure to impress your executives and clients.

You have multiple options when choosing a door for your company's airplane hangar, but bifolding aircraft doors are still popular due to their less complicated operation, lower ongoing maintenance costs and a more traditional airplane hangar look or vibe. Contact a supplier of hangar doors today for more information.


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