Garage Door Opener Repair Needed When The Control Board Goes Bad

Posted on: 15 May 2023

If your garage door won't open, or if it's erratic, the problem might be with the control board in the opener. You might want to check other things first, such as making sure batteries are in the remote and that the unit is getting power.

If the control board is bad, it has to be replaced, so you'll need to call a garage door repair service. Here are a few signs the control board is bad and needs to be replaced, and how this type of garage door opener repair is done.

Signs You Need To Replace The Control Board

If the control board is faulty, it will start acting odd. The garage door may go up by itself. It may not close, it may not work with the remote, it may not work with the wall switch, or it may not work at all. The board controls the safety sensors, too, so the sensors could be erratic or nonfunctional.

Also, if the garage door opener started acting up after a storm, you might suspect a problem with the control board since lightning is a common reason for control board failures.

Repairs For A Bad Control Board

The control board is connected to several wires, so the first thing the garage door repair person may do is check all the wires to make sure they have tight connections. They'll also check that none of the wires are bad in case a mouse got in your garage and gnawed on the wiring.

If the wiring and connections are okay, it's time to open up the control panel box and pull out the board. While working with a board sounds complex, it's a fairly quick and easy repair for someone with experience.

The repair person has to find a new control board that matches your opener and then they're ready to make the switch. They disconnect the wires so the board will come loose. Since a repair professional has experience, they know how to hook the wires back up properly.

If you ever decide to try this repair yourself, it's a good idea to take photos so you know exactly where to connect the wires to the new control board.

The new control board is put in the same place as the old one was and is secured with screws. The wires are attached and then the cover is replaced. The repair person can then test the garage door to make sure it's functional. It will probably be necessary to reprogram the door and your remote to complete the job.

For more information, reach out to a local service, such as Edgemont Garage Door Service.


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