Garage Door Repair Service: 3 Things That Indicate Your Garage Door Springs Are Damaged

Posted on: 2 February 2022

A garage is one of the most vital entryways to your home. Unfortunately, its constant use makes it prone to untimely wear and tear.

Unlike other components, springs are quite prone to damage. That is because they play a crucial role in operating the door. Therefore, slight spring malfunction presents challenges in the overall functionality of the door. Take a look at some indications that your springs are faulty and need to be fixed. 

If You Hear Loud and Squeaking Sounds

Typically, loud noises from your garage signal some unusual activity. It shows something could be malfunctioning. These noises often pop up when opening or closing. Sometimes, the noise signals that the moving parts of the door need some lubrication. Applying a lubricant on the moving parts regularly is an excellent remedy for this problem. 

But if the sounds persist, the springs on the door could have a technical problem. Noises usually get worse if the springs get loose. In that case, you will need to hire a garage door repair technician to inspect the springs and find the underlying issue. 

If the Door Lacks a Balance

If you note that your door has issues balancing, it could be a problem with the spring. Balancing issues prevent it from opening and closing smoothly. It will also look crooked when you close or open it. Other times it takes a long time to go up when you open it or falls fast after it rises a few inches from the ground. 

While other factors can cause these problems, spring failure is the most probable culprit. So hire a technician to inspect the entire system to clear any doubts. Remember that a dysfunctional door can cause serious injuries, and therefore you shouldn't attempt to repair it alone. 

If the Door Opens Halfway

If you note that the door opens halfway and then stops, the springs could be failing. They handle the door's weight and therefore will cause opening and closing difficulties if faulty. However, you may want to check the safety system first since the system triggers can make the door not open fully. If this is not the problem, call your technician for spring repair. 

Contact a garage door repair service such as Door Serv Pro if you notice any of the signs above. A repair expert has all the knowledge and tools to perform a professional repair or replacement. They will ensure a safe and swift process to restore your door's functionality.


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