Looking To Replace Garage Door Openers? 3 Major Categories Of Available For You

Posted on: 26 October 2021

Are you tired of having to get out of your car every time you want to open or close your garage door? Do you wish you could do open your garage door at the press of a button? If that's the case, a garage door opener is your best bet. Usually, the technician installs the opener inside your garage wall for fast and efficient opening or closing of the doors. 

But since there are numerous opener varieties in the market, you need to choose wisely. Essentially, you should consider the door's bulkiness, cost, and noise levels. This article highlights some major types of garage door openers and how they operate to help you make a more informed decision.

Those That Use a Chain

Of all the garage door openers listed here, chain drives are the most popular. Unlike the older chain versions, today's versions are technologically advanced, hence, very effective. During operation, a chain and trolley work together to push or pull the door in either direction. 

They are ideal for homeowners with bulky garage doors. Additionally, chain openers last longer if well maintained and are pretty affordable compared to other options. Even so, chain openers tend to be noisy during operation. So if noise ticks you off, consider the two other options below.

Those That Use a Belt

These door openers are almost similar to the previously mentioned option. However, instead of a chain, belt openers use a rubber belt to push or pull the door. They also contain a switch that activates the belt. 

Compared to chain openers, belt openers are more advanced with fewer moving parts. This feature makes them more lasting with minimal chances of breaking down. More importantly, it makes the door operations quieter.

Those That Use a Screw

Screw openers are a great alternative for good reasons. They come fitted with a threaded steel rod that operates like a screw. Unlike the other alternatives, screw openers have fewer movable parts and, therefore, last longer. If your garage space is small, consider buying this door opener as it will require minimal space to operate. However, remember that they are a little pricey and louder than belt drive door openers.

If you are looking to install a garage door opener, you can choose from the above options. But keep in mind that each of them has downsides and benefits, which means that you need to think through your decision well. If you are unsure of the ideal opener for your garage, consult a garage door installation company for professional advice.

For more information on garage door services, contact a professional near you. 


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