How to Deal with a Noisy Garage Door

Posted on: 30 April 2019

Having a noisy garage door can be really irritating. It can create noise pollution for you and your neighbors. A noisy garage door isn't just annoying; it is also a sign that something is wrong with your garage door.

Figure Out What the Noise Sounds Like

Start by really listening to what the noise that is coming from your garage door sounds like. Being able to describe the sound will help you identify what is wrong with your garage door.

For example, if your garage door makes more of a grating sound, the coils on your garage door may be bent out of shape. If it is more of a ticking sound, either the bearings or the rollers may be worn down. If your garage door is just making a loud squeaking sound, the moving parts may be in need of lubrication.

Being able to describe the sound when you seek out professional help can help the garage door repair person more effectively figure out the issue in a timely manner, saving you on labor costs.

Check the Major Parts

Once you have listened to the sound, use that information to guide you as you fix your garage door.

Start by checking the major parts and seeing what shape they are in. Check your coils and make sure that they are properly stretched out and attached to your garage door. Then, check the bearings on the pulley, and make sure that they are not worn down. Then, check the rollers and see what state they are in.

If any of these major components do not look like they are in good shape, hire a garage door technician to change out these parts.

Lubricate All the Minor Parts

After that, get out some lubrication and use it to lubricate all the minor moving parts. Apply lubrication to the rollers. Apply lubrication to all the hinges that bend on the garage door. Put a little lubrication on each moving part, not so much that it is dripping wet, but enough to stop any squeaking sound.

Tighten Up Loose Parts

Finally, check and see if there are any loose parts for you to tighten up. For example, the nuts on the tracking system or the hinges on the garage door. If any of these nuts or bolts are loose, tighten them up. This is another way to get rid of unnecessary sounds from your garage door.

Reach out to a garage door repair business, like Eudy Door Co., for more information.


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