When You Want The Right To Choose Your Garage Door Color: What To Do

Posted on: 26 April 2019

Residential garage doors come in a variety of styles and colors, but what if the color you want is simply not available? There are ways of getting exactly the color you want, but you have to take extra steps, and possibly pay a little more, to get it. The following options give you the right to choose your unique garage door color and how to get it exactly as you want it. 

Option #1

You could try to special order a garage door in the color you want. If the color is a standard industry house/door color mixed with white or black to get a tint or shade, it is possible for the manufacturer to create a custom door color just for you. It will, however, cost quite a bit extra as the manufacturer probably does not get a lot of requests for say, baby blue or maroon red. Most of the time, people who choose this option have money to burn, and they choose to spend it on things that no one else can get, like custom color garage doors from manufacturers who are willing to produce the doors these customers want. 

Option #2

Option #2 is buying a totally white, primed for painting garage door. You can leave it as is, or hire a garage door service company that is willing to install and paint the door for you. You could also attempt to paint the door yourself, since you already know exactly what color you want to paint it. However, if you opt to DIY the paint job, make sure you know exactly what you are doing, or you will still have to hire a service company to redo the paint job and install the door. 

Option #3

Option #3 is opting for a totally custom-built door by a garage door company. These doors are usually wooden so that you can get the most customization possible, including panel design and hand carvings. If you opt for this kind of garage door, it will need regular maintenance to prevent rot and splintering, but the garage door company that is willing to create a beautiful and extremely unique door for you in the color and style you desire is usually the company that is willing to help maintain it too. If you choose this last option, be sure to ask such garage door companies if they provide maintenance for their unique custom doors.


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