Think You Can Install a Commercial Garage Door Yourself? Job Details That May Prove Otherwise

Posted on: 23 April 2019

Commercial garage doors are often huge, double the width or double the height of residential doors. Still, you might be thinking that you can easily install such a garage door or replace the one you have already without some professional help. If you actually knew what goes into installing one of these doors, you might think otherwise. Here is what it takes to install a commercial garage door, and why that professional help will look better and better towards the end of this article. 

Hoisting the New Door into Position

It starts with two scissors lifts and a crew of at least two to four people. One or two people on each scissors lift platform take hold of a side of the door and then uses the scissors lifts to hoist the door upward toward the ceiling. Once it is hoisted up, the casters on the sides of the door are inserted into the guide tracks, but the door has to be secured until it can be connected to the pulley and/or chain system that holds it in place and helps it roll up and back. Crews on the lift platforms on both sides have to work together to make sure that what they are doing is being done at the exact same time so that nothing is off-track or becomes bent out of shape in this part of the installation process.

Holding the Door in Position 

Depending on the size and style of the door, braces or tie-offs may be used to hold the door in place until someone can run the lift cables or lift chains from the top of the door to the pulley system or to the commercial garage door opener. The chains or cables must be fully connected and ready to work before the braces or tie-offs may be removed from the door. The door has to be carefully opened to prevent it from crashing down if it is not installed fully and properly the first time.

When the Project Is Complete

When the door is successfully opened without problems, the project is done. If the door is attached to an opener, there may be a few more bugs to work out in terms of connectedness and fluidity of motion. Tweaks to the motor of the opener, tightening of the cables or chains, and double-checking the casters in the guide tracks are par for the course toward project completion.

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Finding New Garage Doors

After moving into our house, I realized that garage doors were having a difficult time opening and closing. I wanted to make a change, but I wasn't sure where to start. Fortunately, a friend of mine mentioned that it wouldn't be too hard to go through and have the garage doors replaced. We had them switched out, and in addition to making the garage area quieter, it also helped the house to look better from the outside. On this blog, there are all kinds of articles about garage doors and making your home the place you want to be. Check it out for more information.



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