Understanding Your Garage Door Spring System

Posted on: 18 April 2019

An automatic garage door is something that many homeowners don't want to live without. These types of garage doors make accessing your garage space a lot easier and more convenient.

Many different components must work together to safely raise and lower your garage door on a daily basis. The spring system is one of the most critical components. The spring system acts as a counterweight for the garage door. When a spring breaks, the safety of the door is compromised.

When you understand the two types of spring systems used on residential garage doors today, you will be in a position to spot potential spring damage before it leads to an accident or injury.

Torsion Spring System

A torsion spring system can be found mounted horizontally above your garage door. The springs are housed within a steel tube, so spotting visual damage can be challenging. When your garage door is lowered, the torsion springs store up mechanical energy. This energy is released once the door is raised to help facilitate the opening of the door.

A door that falls quickly and suddenly, or a door that will not open all the way are usually affected by broken torsion springs. Repairing these springs is an extremely dangerous process that requires knowledge, precision, and access to the right tools.

Homeowners should always entrust the repair of a torsion spring system to an experienced garage door professional.

Extension Spring System

The second type of spring system that services many residential garage doors is an extension spring system. You can find the springs for an extension system on either side of the garage door. The springs are located over the horizontal tracks of the door.

The extension springs are stretched using a system of cables and pulleys to help them store energy. They are tightly coiled when in their resting state, and fully extended when filled with mechanical energy. The constant expansion and recoiling of extension springs makes them susceptible to failure.

Most garage doors that rely on an extension spring system are equipped with a safety cable that prevents the door from slamming shut. Since extension cables are visible, you can inspect them for signs of corrosion or breakage.

A garage door specialist will be able to replace a damaged extension spring quickly to ensure that your automatic garage door remains functional in the future.

Understanding the important role springs play in the function of your garage door will allow you to be more vigilant in monitoring your door springs for damage. Contact a garage door service for more help.


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