Grinding Noises, Loose Parts, And Doors That Open After Shutting

Posted on: 13 April 2019

There are a number of common problems you can experience with your garage door. From an opener that stops working because of too much friction to a garage door that closes and starts to open again, knowing how to take care of your garage door can help. Take the time to check your circuit breaker and ensure that your unit is properly plugged in. When you have loud grinding noises, you probably have loose parts that need to be tightened or replaced. When your garage door struggles to open, or you have noticed areas that don't seal properly, some maintenance can improve the function of your garage door and protect your home at the same time.

Cracks in Your Weather Sealant

The weather sealant surrounds the exterior of your garage door, providing insulation from the weather and street noises, as well as prevents air flow from outside to inside.

If you see cracks around the exterior of your garage door, use a weather sealant to keep your garage protected. Remove the old sealant in the cracks, and replace it with a new one. You can find weather sealant at a hardware store.

Grinding Noises When Your Garage Door Moves

Loud grinding noises can be caused by a number of problems. If one or more of the wheels are cracked or need lubrication, you could hear a grinding or squealing noise. If your motor chain needs oil, this can make a loud noise as your garage door opens or closes.

Loose brackets can cause noise, as can tension springs that aren't working properly. If you hear new noises when opening or closing your garage door, call for help to manage the problem.

A Door that Doesn't Stay Shut or Open

If you close your door and it starts to pop back open again, the photo-eyes may not be properly aligned. These are a safety feature on your garage door, and they need to be aligned for your door to close all the way. When your door opens all the way and then begins to shut again, this is usually a problem with your tension springs. If they are loose, you may find that your garage door shuts part way when it is open.

When your garage door is causing problems, and you can't identify the source, contact a company that offers garage door services. Avoid getting caught inside your garage because your door won't open, and get the help you need soon.


Finding New Garage Doors

After moving into our house, I realized that garage doors were having a difficult time opening and closing. I wanted to make a change, but I wasn't sure where to start. Fortunately, a friend of mine mentioned that it wouldn't be too hard to go through and have the garage doors replaced. We had them switched out, and in addition to making the garage area quieter, it also helped the house to look better from the outside. On this blog, there are all kinds of articles about garage doors and making your home the place you want to be. Check it out for more information.



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