Garage Door Repair: How To Deal With A Bad Sensor That Won't Let The Door Won't Close

Posted on: 10 April 2019

If your garage door won't close, the problem might be the sensors at the bottom of the door. There is a sensor on each side, and one sends a light beam to the other one, which acts as a receiver. If the light isn't detected by the receiver, your garage door won't close as a safety mechanism. When this happens, the opener may blink, but the door won't move. Here's how to deal with this problem.

How To Verify A Sensor Is Bad

Several things can cause garage door problems, but you can tell if the sensors are working by looking at the indicator lights on them. One should have a green light that shines steadily, and the other has a yellow light.

If the green light is blinking or is out, that's a sign something is blocking the light beam, the sensors are out of alignment, or the sensor is bad. Check that nothing is stored in front of a sensor and that the sensors are clean.

Then, try to move the sensors, and see if they wiggle. If so, tighten the loose one using the wing nut. When tightening, align the sensors perfectly until both lights are on. If those steps don't help, the sensors may need to be replaced.

How To Replace Bad Garage Door Sensors

A garage door repair service can replace the bad sensors and get your garage door functional again. While you wait, you can disconnect the door from the opener and close the door manually.

The repair person will check the sensors to verify they are bad and that the door doesn't have a different problem. If one sensor is bad, then they will both be replaced at the same time.

Replacing a garage door sensor involves removing it from the holding bracket and cutting the connecting wires after the power has been shut off. Then, the new sensor is slipped into the bracket, and the wires are spliced with the existing wires using a wire connector. When both sensors are installed, they are aligned so lights are steady on both units, and then they are tightened into place.

The final step is to test the door by closing it and then trying to close it with something obstructing the light beam. Problems with sensors don't always require replacement. Sometimes they get loose and move out of alignment, but when they're bad, they have to be replaced so your garage door operates properly and safely.

The sensors exist so the door won't close on you, your pet, or your car, so you want them to always work as intended. For more information, contact a garage door repair service such as Columbus Door Sales.


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